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Sony Reader for PC Download Free Windows 10, 7, 8, 32/64 bit

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Sony epub reader for pc download


Please make sure to close other running software while using the Reader for PC. You can also disable the antivirus of your PC temporarily to further isolate the issue. Hi Vincent. I had been away from home for several weeks so unsure whether a Windows 10 update had occurred before I left home. I have made sure nothing else was running without effect. I am in Australia, if that makes any difference. My laptop also refuses to download the books, but I have not uninstalled Reader for PC on that device.

Been having same problem for last 2 weeks. Looks like the book has downloaded from the laptop but the cover page doesn’t show. Error message says “Invalid page” when you try to open book. Has worked fine for 5 or 6 years. No changes to laptop using Windows Checked software on reader – all ok. Have done soft and hard reset on reader without success. I have the same problem of Sony software suddenly failing to download and have posted my concern at a different thread but now join here as per mention of Vincent moderator.

To answer your question, Vincent, yes before this problem occurred Windows 10 did have some updates. I also already temporarily paused the antivirus Kaspersky while troubleshooting but this did not solve the problem.

And no other programs had been running at the same time. Just for curiosity, anyone of us having this same problem do not run Sony software on Windows 10? I am also in Australia, but it occurs with library books from Australia and the U.

I can try to post instructions if people are still having issues with the Reader app! Yes please, I’d love a way around it. Could you please post your solution?

I’d also like to know the workaround, please. I always used to have to download into Adobe DE so that I could return library books from there, then a few months ago I found myself able to return them from Overdrive direct.

Tony, Mandurah WA We’re sorry to hear you’re having the same issue. Can you verify the model number of your eBook Reader? If the issue occurred after updating your Windows 10 operating system, if possible, try to use a different computer to isolate the issue.

Aldrin, it’s a PRS-T2. I have tried downloading via my laptop, as well as my desktop – same result in both cases. I have downloaded hundreds of books via both devices with no problems, until last week.

Mine is PRS T2, also. Have tried on Windows 10 and Windows 7. Neither will download the book. Aldrin, mine is a PRS Like everyone else I had no problem until a couple of weeks ago. Based on what I’ve seen here, this problem just happened to different eReaders and platforms Windows 10, 8, 7. Mine is a combination of PRS with Windows 10, which I’ve been using for a long time to borrow books from library without problem until this October. I don’t know what has changed but don’t think it’s hardware related.

Some software update somewhere might just stop Sony Reader for PC from working properly. I have, however, successfully downloaded books to my eReader using ADE 4. Interestingly, my PC had been authorized before by Sony software but this was no longer accepted to download.

So that’s why I had to re-authorize it again with ADE to do so. I still don’t undersdand the root cause but by reading between lines, I guess the authorization done by Sony software has become invalid for some reason.

Mine is also PRS T2. Tried it on Windows 10 and Windows 7. Neither will download this book. Same issue- my two computers will not download any book to the PRS-T2.

Both running Windows 10 and the problem seems to be related to the most recent Windows 10 upgrades. Hope someone can find a solution.! I’ve finally managed to download books to my reader after 2 weeks of agony trying to work out the problem.

This was what I needed to do. A friend, Alan, worked it out for me. Plug in your reader to PC. Download the book to Adobe digital editions. But you won’t import it from there. Then go to your reader and go file: import files: My PC; documents; My Digital Editions ; You should see your downloaded book there and can import it from there.

It worked for me anyway and I’m super happy. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try to download again to see if the issue is already fixed.

If still unresolved, we can download the file from this link. Thanks for your response. I’ve tried both suggestions, including the re-install of Reader for PC file from the link. Unfortunately the issue remains the same: “failed to download”, at least in my case. As described in my previous response 4 days ago, the only current work-around for me is to use ADE to re-authorize my PC then download using this software instead of Reader for PC.

I’ve just tried this way again and it still works flawlessly. I still hope we can have the solution for Reader for PC so that I can keep using it. Hi User and User ,. We’re sorry to hear you’re still unable to resolved the issue using the link that we have provided. The website is currently being worked on. We’ll keep you posted for future updates and announcements.

After hours and hours of trying to find a solution, this worked and I was able to load a library book on my eReader. Using Adobe Digital Editions works. Follow the instructions from User r It adds an extra step but allows me to continue using my Sony Reader. Hi Crypto-Smart ,. Could you please tell us more about the issue? May we also have the exact model number of your Sony reader so we can better assist you? I suggest you either reset the operating system settings before the factory settings, or download another data transfer program because it might be the problem.

Try downloading another PC program from The Pirate Bay , for example, and then see if it will be transmitted or not. This is a persisting problem with Sony software, which has never been properly solved by identifying its root cause and issuing a proper patch – and maybe never will as Sony already discontinued its support.

It’s not a hardware problem, neither from the PC operating system. I mention this so that one wouldn’t mess around in vain with those possibilities. The only exisiting work-around solution is installing ADE to use it in lieu of Sony software.

You might have to deauthorize then authorize your reader to get it synced. I already explained my process in more details in a separate post, so you might want to check it out.

We are sorry to hear you are also having the same issue. Have you tried the suggestions above to isolate the issue? EPUB Reader supports all popular e-book formats. So you don’t have to look for another e-book reader for any book. Yes, there is such a functionality. This can be easily done if you need to change your PC, for instance. In addition, it works completely offline. Thus, all e-books are stored only on your PC. Desktop Apps.

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PDF Candy. Video Candy. Image Candy. PDF Bob. Help Center. EPUB Reader 6. Enjoy books in full screen with Icecream Ebook Reader. EBook reader for PC is available on Windows 11, 10, 8. However, no DRM protected content is supported. Search and sort your notes by text or color. Create your digital library Add books to the eBook reader without limits, categorize them, add to favorites, etc. Search the library, track reading progress, use bookmarks and much more.

Text to speech Our reader will convert text to speech from any eBook and read it aloud for you. Use in-book smart search by text or a page number to find what you need in no time. Dark reading mode Reading and making notes must be still enjoyable even in dim light. Customizable layout Adjust font family, font size, line space if needed.


Sony Reader for PC – Download.Sony Reader for PC – Download

WebIf a previous version of Reader for PC has already been installed to your computer, launch Reader for PC, connect the PC to the internet and select the Help – Check for updates . WebAbout this download. Reader for PC is an all-new application that provides an easier, friendlier, and improved experience to existing Reader Library customers, and provides . WebReader for PC is een gloednieuwe applicatie die de bestaande klanten van Reader Library een vlottere, vriendelijkere en verbeterde ervaring biedt en mogelijkheden van Reader .


Sony eBook and Digital Media Page – Where To Find eBooks For Sony Readers

Web1. Open the Reader Library. 2. Plug your Sony eReader to your computer via USB. 3. The Sony Reader Library should recognize your eReader, if not, try turning it on or make . WebReader para PC es una nueva aplicación que ofrece un uso más fácil, intuitivo y mejorado a los clientes de Reader Library manteniendo la misma funcionalidad con nuevas . Web1. Open the Reader Library. 2. Plug your Sony eReader to your computer via USB. 3. The Sony Reader Library should recognize your eReader, if not, try turning it on or make .

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