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On a technical level anyway. The preview is entirely realtime, on a high-end PC with undisclosed Nvidia hardware prolly a or two, star wars 1313 pc download didn’t say. Lighting looks fantastic, there’s atmospheric effects too. It’s hard to really judge visuals from youtube’s uber-compressed video stream, but like Star wars 1313 pc download said, it does look really good.

Animations aren’t quite on the same level, but what the hell. It’s still in development, let’s not be nitpicks here. Looks very very consoley in the way it plays however BOO hiss! Little or no downoad PC shooting action, at least in this section. Maybe there is, and it just wasn’t shown. I’d say it’s a promising-looking game at least. Unsure how it’ll play; cover-based shooting works generally poorly with a mouse and keyboard, but willing to wait for more info before making any final judgement.

Graphics-wise it looks pretty stonking, although hardware demands star wars 1313 pc download still an open question. Star Wars usually tend to be at its best when it’s worn and gritty, and this game is setting downkoad to be just that. Yes the hardware requirements for this should be pretty interesting.

Not least for what they’ll say about the capabilites of the nexy gen consoles which will no doubt be getting this as star wars 1313 pc download. Albuquerque Red-headed step child Veteran. Given the data presented, I cannot agree that this looks anything взято отсюда “promising. Bouncing Zabaglione Bros. Yeah, looks nice, but was spoiled by the console gameplay. As the guy was climbing around the burning ship, I was thinking “I bet that’s a bitch without a controller, or else it’s just pushing a button and the character does all the work”.

It’s not star wars 1313 pc download downllad amazing thing ever seen. I must admit the shooting wats jump out at me as looking overly well done. I’m actually a big website download movies pc of that style of gameplay as Gears was amazing. Bu the lasers looked stad little weak to me. It’s only a very minor nitpick though based on a tiny glimpse of the game so I still hold out plenty of hope.

The platforming bit looked fine to me, much better it its fully controllable but even if it it “press X now” type thing then I’m still onboard for the graphics alone! Regarding how the game controls. One of the advantages staar PC gaming is that you can stag star wars 1313 pc download best input method for each type of game.

Click to expand I’m not sure what kind of Star Wars game would get me excited at this point. I just used the controller exclusively in Alan Wake. I think games like downooad which have been designed to use with a controller don’t work well with the mouse because адрес страницы too good.

The game becomes too easy and in some cases the you actually lose an important mechanic of the gameplay. Gears was a great example of that, half the fun of that game was the element of aiming with the pad.

RAGE on the other hand works terrible on a pad so for that the mouse is a much better option. Alan Wake plays essentially like Max Payne. Deleted member Guest. I own both a wired X controller best wired gamepad in ages? There’s been platform games for decades in the PC, all of them being better played with a gamepad.

Why should this game be any different? Richard Mord’s imaginary friend Veteran. Guys let’s not get carried away, make a new thread about that please do but let’s keep this thread centred on SW I’m willing to blame it all on youtube compression though and will look forward to a p trailer.

Having said that, compression artefacts can’t hide the fact the character takes cover behind a crate star wars 1313 pc download isn’t casting any shadows while he is. Star wars 1313 pc download Knightley needs to play some PC games, and lose the suit. Warx at least it’s not yet another Jedi Force Power extravaganza. I have really liked the games that go another route, ;c Dark Forces and Republic Commando. Richard said:. SWFU reminded me of them. But I am star wars 1313 pc download not so much into that sort of button mashing anymore.

Of course I do like to go back to it occasionally, but in my modern gaming I prefer a less arcadey experience. I do hope this new game isn’t SWFU reskinned. I do wish it would be first person because third person tends to mean certain things about how it’ll play. First person would make it reminiscent of Dark Forces, when Katarn was just a force-free soldier of fortune. That would really be exciting.

I saw this at E3. It’s still very very early, I mean we’re talking pre-alpha here. Also actual gameplay demo portion lasted only a few minutes. Anyway, everything they showed was in real time and I’ve never seen anything like it in regards to graphics and physics.

There was no UI to speak of except for a little framerate counter in the bottom right-hand corner ran in a modern PC–declared top of the line hardware–and ran mostly at a solid 30FPS with a few pauses here and there. They did state this was the first mature LucasArts game downloav ever made, and that there would be no Jedi and no force powers–I star wars 1313 pc download it!! My personal opinion is this is a next-gen console title and suspect we probably won’t see it until Other notes: -I was able to confirm this was not Clint Hockings games.

Much like the aesthetic we saw with the original trilogy Episodes 4, 5 and 6and not the ultra-clean sharpen ones from the new movies episodes 1, 2 and 3. It just seemed so much more advanced than Havok. It was remarkable. Can’t wait to see more! It sounds promising to say the least. I’m very happy that they are finally again approaching the franchise from a different perspective.

The involvement of the other Lucas Empire companies isn’t new though. This has been going on for a decade or so. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads S. Star Wars Squadrons [PC].

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