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Both halves of this union must have a healed soul. Begin you healing session by imagining the Violet Flame surrounding both of you. Envision this flame dissolving all of his past relationships, tense family situations, and anything or anyone that is keeping your twin flame from happiness. Always let your twin know you love him unconditionally.

Repeat this initial meditation many times before proceeding. Energize and heal your twin flame relationship with our hand crafted Crystal Love Wand. I ask that my Twin Flame recognize this love And seal our love in union For all of the universe to witness. Give my Twin the wisdom to know With certainty that he has found The other half of his soul. I invoke the Love and Light of the Holy Spirit. Heal all karma and any Dis-Ease body, mind and soul.

Allow the higher vibration of our love and purpose To bring peace, love and healing to everyone in our lives. Remove all obstacles and people interfering and preventing Our union from happening at this time.

Bless our union, transformation and purpose in this lifetime. Here and Now! Repeat this prayer 3 times. I now invoke the highest protection and shielding from the Universe.

I call in all sacred guardians of my twin flame journey. I call in the Violet Flame of loving protection and I ask this Light to go where it is needed and consume all negative energy and blocks that may limit the full expression of my twin flame partnership. I ask that the Violet Flame release both of us from all binding attachments or contracts – and dissolve them in the name of the Holy Spirit for the joyful fulfilment of our divine plan on Earth.

I claim the Divine Right to be with my Twin Flame, knowing that it is a relationship that most deeply serves this planet and the universe in unlimited ways. Email: Enter. Follow us. Thanks for contacting us! We’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for subscribing. Your Cart. Leave a note with your order. Continue Shopping. Your cart is currently empty. Click here to continue shopping.


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You can think of it like soulmates , but stronger. Twin flames are based on the story that in the beginning, humans had two heads, 4 arms, and 4 legs, but we were so powerful that God separated us. A twin flame meditation is a way to navigate your thoughts so that you can find a way to release all the mental and emotional blocks that are preventing you from finding and experiencing your twin flame. Finding your twin flame and experiencing this special connection with them is a process that takes time.

Intentions are important in meditation , so think about what you want to get out of this. Visualize a beautiful turquoise light pulling down from the heavens into your crown chakra. Hold the image of this turquoise light in your mind for a few moments, allowing it to fill your body and soul with its healing energy.

Try to imagine yourself as a child with your pain, with your trauma, with your issues, with your struggles. Try to keep the image of yourself as a child as clear as possible in your mind. This is a representation of your inner child. We are using this as part of the meditation because your inner child is who heals the most in a twin flame connection. Imagine what it will be like to finally reunite with them.

Really allow your emotions to bubble up inside of you, this will help attract your twin flame into your life! Let go of your pain, your trauma, your issues, and your struggles. Now, whenever you meditate , keep these steps in mind. This is one of the many reasons why twin flames are so special: They can connect on a very deep level.

Being aware of this telepathic connection can help you be more successful with your twin flame meditation. Along with the telepathic connection, you also have a mental and emotional connection with your twin flame. If you ever find yourself needing help, your twin flame could notice it, too.

Twin flames are there for each other. A successful twin flame meditation feels very natural and relaxed. The whole point of meditation is to clear your mind so that you can think more clearly and act more wisely. So, during your twin flame meditation, you want to feel relaxed. Knowing what a successful meditation will be like is important, as it helps you to notice when you are on the right track.

It can also lead to you remembering past life memories. You may also experience visions through your third eye. Only those who are ready and open are able to receive them. Sure, they might look different than they do in this life, but you might gain valuable insight into your relationship and your dynamics if you let yourself see and understand these past life memories.

In addition to connecting with your twin flame, you can also use your twin flame meditation to focus on finding your life purpose and soul mission. Some people never find it at all. And the best part? You can ask your twin flame to help you find it by bringing you into meditation and helping you connect with your higher self.

The thing is, twin flames usually share a life purpose and soul mission. For that reason, twin flame meditation can help you find yours! Nothing feels better than finally seeing your purpose, realizing what you need to be doing, and sharing these feelings with someone else. Before you begin your twin flame meditation , you should set an intention.

This will help you focus on what you want to get out of it, and help you keep your mind from wandering. This can help you achieve what you want to get out of it. Intentions are important during meditation, they help you achieve your goals, and help you keep your mind from wandering.

First of all, you need to be healed within. You need to have processed all your past issues and trauma. Imagine being with your twin flame, imagine what they look like, how they feel, and how they make you feel.

Imagine the things you would say if you were together now. Picture their touch and what it feels like. Twin flame meditation is not always easy, but with these tips, I know that you will be successful. A twin flame meditation is when you meditate in order to connect with your twin flame. Twin flame energy is the same energy that we had in past lives.

Our other half is our twin flame, they make us whole. One thing to remember, though. Start off by setting your intention What do you want to get out of your meditation? What do you want to achieve? Next, ground yourself Close your eyes and imagine a bright light entering your body from the top of your head.

This light will travel down your body and exit at the ground. Next, use visualization Close your eyes and visualize yourself. Try to imagine yourself as a child. Now, you need to bring your twin flame into the visualization Visualize yourself and your twin flame being present at the same time. Next, focus on what you want to get out of your meditation: Let go of your pain, your trauma, your issues, and your struggles. Picture what meeting them will be like and how you will heal together.

Finally, end your meditation by thanking your higher self for the meditation and for being with you. Telepathy is one of the main signs that you are in a twin flame relationship. Twin flames can help each other heal and grow. In fact, twin flames have a telepathic connection that very few people ever get to experience. You can use this connection to help you reach your twin flame faster. Try to imagine what they are thinking about and how they are feeling at that moment.

It may be difficult at first but remember: Your ability to connect with them is there already. This mental and emotional connection is also very helpful if you ever need advice. Their advice could help you get out of a sticky situation. This mental and emotional connection also allows you to sense when your twin flame needs help. Now: these past life memories are important as they might also feature your twin flame. It often takes people a long time to find their life purpose and soul mission.

You can use your twin flame meditation to focus on finding your life purpose and soul mission. You can ask your higher self to help you find it. Nothing feels better than finally seeing your purpose, realizing what you need to be doing, and sharing these feelings with someone else 8 Set intentions before meditating Before you begin your twin flame meditation , you should set an intention.

Set an intention for what you want to achieve during your meditation. Set an intention for what you want to get out of it. Set an intention for the outcome you want to experience as a result of your meditation. Also, set an intention for how you want to feel after the meditation. Whatever you focus your intentions on is what the meditation will give you. A visualization is a powerful tool. This makes visualization an excellent way to bring your twin flame closer to you.

When you use visualization, I can almost guarantee that your meditation will be successful! You got this! Are you ready to start attracting your twin flame? Related Posts.


Twin Flame Meditation: The Most Important Tool – Pure Twin Flames.Twin Flame Meditation – Song Download from Twin Flame Meditation @ JioSaavn


Twin flame meditation is one of the strongest and most often overlooked tools we have to actually further our journey and improve things for the better.

Meditation can help you with healing and fulfilling your life purpose as a twin flame. Your ascension is an essential step of your twin flame journey and of the union frequency, and meditating can help you get there faster or in a smoother way at least. From there on, union is just one step away. Meditating can help you with the twin flame healing process, your shadow work, and karma processing as well.

Realizing your life purpose and the divine mission of achieving union can also be helped along with meditating. It can also come in very handy during one of the most challenging and difficult parts of the twin flame journey, the separation phase, as both a means of contact and a helping factor in overcoming the challenges it presents.

But there are specific aspects of your twin flames journey which can benefit a lot from the practice of meditation. Healing is an integral part of your twin flame journey towards ascension and union. Guided meditation is also very useful for doing shadow work for twin flames. While all vessels have significant shadow work to do during the human experience, twin flames have it a bit tougher than everyone else because their shadows are mirrored and amplified by the shadows of the twin.

In some cases, pinpointing a particular shadow aspect and identifying its root causes and process of expansion can be done better with the help of meditation. Meditation also helps with centering yourself and your twin and sorting through the layers of feelings and reactions, so you can identify each aspect that needs work done and dealing with each one at a time. If you want guidance in where to focus your energies take a moment and get a twin flame reading. Another significant aspect of the twin flames journey is karma processing.

Again, while all vessels have karma to process from previous and the current human experience, twin flames have it tougher. Aside from their individual karmic cycles which they need to process and get closure on, twin flames also have a karmic cycle of their soul contract. The bond in itself accumulates karma during the numerous human experiences, and it needs its own processing. Meditation comes in very handy when it comes to approaching the soulbond and helping it go through whatever lingering karma there is so the twin flames can achieve ascension.

Guided meditation helps you to get more in tune with yourself and divinity and the energies of the universe. Through guided meditation, you can make significant progress when it comes to realizing your life purpose and finding your way towards fulfilling your sacred mission of achieving ascension and then twin flame union.

You and your twin each have your own very clear missions, aside from achieving union. By harmonizing your energies, you can each do a better and better job at fulfilling your missions, and working together greatly amplifies your success. Meditating on that, on your own or together with your twin flame, can help bring a lot of clarity and inspiration into the process of fulfilling that purpose.

The twin flame separation phase is one of the most demanding and challenging parts of the process, but also the part during which the most progress and growth are achieved.

As it can be a very disorienting and confusing part of your twin flame experience, the separation phase is one during which you and your twin flame can benefit a lot from meditating on each issue you run into and how to best solve and overcome it.

While the runner might be meditating with the intention of putting more space between them and their twin flame, the very act of meditating brings the twin flames closer together by helping them harmonize their core essences through amplifying the resonance of their energies.

Or you might make better sense of your twin flame dreams during separation with the help of guided meditating. Doubt is a perfectly normal part of a twin flame journey. If you take a few moments to tell me about your journey so far, I’ll send you a free twin flame reading to help guide you onward towards union. As a twin flame, you have a lot of work to do before you can achieve union.

All of that can be helped along through the help of twin flame meditation. Guided meditation can help you and your twin flame to get in tune with one another and achieve your intended progress in a quicker of smoother manner. Your twin flame amplifies the process and enhances your results. Meditating is a significant spiritual tool for growth, discovery, and healing, and a process which your twin flame and the twin flame collective can greatly benefit from.

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Twin flame meditation download.Twin Flame Meditation: The Most Important Tool

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