Unable to download google drive for pc.Fix problems in Drive for desktop

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Best Fix: Google Drive Not Downloading.Solved: Cannot Download Files from Google Drive (5 Fixes)

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Method 2. Clear browser cache and data. Method 3. Update the browser.


Unable to download google drive for pc. Fix problems in Drive for desktop


You can get even more if you purchase a subscription. Regardless of the number of files you keep on Google Drive, the idea is that you can download them anywhere at any time and on any device. There can be several reasons why this happens, and some are easier to fix than others.

The solutions to fixing the issue of Google Drive not downloading will be similar across devices, but some will be more specific. Windows users can access Google Drive via any browser. One of the best fixes is to clear cache from Chrome. There are three basic methods you can try using any browser in any operating system, including macOS. You need to have a Google account in order to experience the full features of any Android device. That also means that you can use the Google Drive app and access all your files stored on your device.

Go to Play Store and get the latest update. Head to the App Store and make sure you have the latest version. Google Drive is one of the default Chrome OS applications. Not only can you access the web version of Drive via the Chrome web store, but you can also use an Android app. To be more precise, provided you use Chromebook purchased after , Android OS is integrated with Chrome OS, and you have the best of both worlds.

So, that should be the first thing on the agenda to verify. However, other issues can include an unstable internet connection or a glitchy app. After a few moments, the Google Drive app will disappear from your App Drawer.

Then, all you have to do is go to Play Store in your Chromebook and download it again. The entire process will take several minutes. Hopefully, you will be able to download files from Google Drive again. However, sometimes Drive gets stuck while preparing the Zip file.

Instead of losing the download completely, a pop-up window asking you to save the Zip file on your computer will appear. This only happens if the file was already prepared, but there was a delay of some kind. This time, try another browser or clear the cache files first.

Many people use Google Drive primarily to store photos they want to be able to access from anywhere. So, make sure your computer or your mobile device is connected to the internet.

The biggest issue with downloading videos from Google Drive is that video files are often large, even when they are not very long. Some Google account users pay for a lot of storage in Google Drive to enough space to keep their huge files in one place. That will require not only a stable and fast internet connection but also sufficient storage space on your computer — and some ingenuity if you run into a problem.

A workaround solution requires users to use the Incognito mode in their browser for this task. That will make the file non-downloadable. To bypass this issue, make a copy of the file in question, rename it, and then share it again with your collaborators. Depending on why Google Drive is not downloading, your solutions will vary. You might have to change the browser, use Incognito mode, clear browser cache, or check your internet connection. When using the Drive mobile app, always make sure that your device has enough storage and that you have the latest version of the app as well.

When downloading multiple files from Drive, the process of compressing files may slow down unexpectedly. If possible, try again, and make sure that you have a stable internet connection. You can use a desktop version of Google Drive on your laptop or a PC. Google Drive is one of the most popular and widely used Google products. In normal circumstances, you can view them whenever you download them to your computer or mobile device. On mobile devices, not using the latest version of Drive can cause a problem with downloads.


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